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My name is Sarah Heneghan (She/Her).

I am [Insert ancestry here]. I am originally from the lands of [insert here]. I am currently living on the lands of [Insert here].

I believe every counsellor also needs a therapist, but I know it is hard to find one where you can "just be the client" and not feel judged.

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Whose Sarah?

Sarah Heneghan is a Registered Professional Counsellor and Is (or former) Director of Clinical Programs at Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA). With over a decade of experience working with Indigenous communities, Sarah has dedicated her career to supporting and counseling other counselors working on the front lines.


Before joining UNYA, Sarah worked as an Indigenous Family Mediation Counsellor, where she supported Indigenous families and created spaces for them to heal and reconnect. Sarah is always looking for new opportunities to connect with people and help them on their journey towards healing.

Sarah is known for her warm and inviting personality, which makes her clients feel safe and supported. She specializes in trauma-informed counseling and incorporates traditional cultural teachings and knowledge into her sessions. Sarah's approach allows her clients to put down the "helper" role and show up as themselves, with all their complexities and struggles.

When Sarah isn't counselling she is exploring nature with her two children, dipping her toes into a body of water, snowboarding, or finding a new way to get creative and craft.

If you're interested in booking a consultation with Sarah, please reach out to her through the contact form.

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