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Names are given for so many reasons and all hold

power and a story.

Here is the story behind the name,

"Two Feather Wellness" 

The Name 


“Two Feather Wellness” came from a few places...

The first is that “Two Feathers” is the name given to me in Ceremony by Slow Turtle who was Supreme Medicine Man of the Wampanog People. As an Adult, when I was given my name in my tribal language by my Kasike (chief), it translated to

Two Feathered Woman.

  Two feathers also represent working from a two-eyed seeing lens. This is often described as seeing and using the strengths of Indigenous culture with one eye and seeing the strengths of western culture through the other.

In practice, I combine the two in order to facilitate care in a validating and safe way for Indigenous people and a way to help teach non Indigneous people about Indigneous history and culture.


    Two Feathers also reflects being a two spirit individual within my Indigenous community. I am sure as time progresses this name will come to reflect and mean more to me as names often do.


    Right now, I am excited that you have decided to stop by, see what I’m all about, and potentially become part of this community.

Image Description: Cheyenne's hand is holding up an beaded eagle feather. The beadwork is black, rose gold, yellow, orange, white and red. It has a feather beaded design in while and rose gold with orange yellow and read stripes around the top and bottom. There is white fringe hanging from the bottom of the feather. She is wearing a turquoise bracelet and a silver thumb ring that is a zig zag pattern. You can also see a tattoo on her wrist. The background is unfocused cherry blossoms that are pink and purple with brown branches.

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