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Ways we can work together!

Services are done through virtual platforms (JaneApp, Zoom, Teams, Phone, etc.), unless otherwise needed.

I work with people through counseling, supervision, and consulting.

I offer a safe and empathetic space for individuals to unpack, explore, and support their journey towards personal growth and emotional well-being.


I work with a diverse group of individuals from all different backgrounds and identities.

Clients who work with me are invited to form an identity-affirming and culturally safe place and partnership to help them in their journey towards their own goals. I hold a keen awareness of the interplay of social identities and is comfortable integrating discussions of race, class, sex, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, etc. into the therapeutic alliance.


I provide comprehensive clinical supervision services tailored to individuals, professionals, programs,
and organizat

1:1 & Group


1:1 sessions, focus on the individual therapist, counselor, or practitioner.

My aim is to nurture your personal and professional growth and provide ongoing support to ensure you are able to continue to grow and strengthen your skills and understanding.


For programs and organizations, my group supervision sessions are geared towards creating a cohesive team environment where open communication thrives.

Everyone comes into the supervision space circle as an equal with their own expertise and knowledge. Through this, we are able to create an environment where individuals feel heard, seen and better connected to their colleagues. Allowing them to support each other better both in the space and day to day.

My consultation services are a powerful resource for organizations seeking to enhance their engagement with marginalized communities and decolonize their methods and programs.

Organizations & Programs
Virtual (unless otherwise needed)


I firmly believe that knowledge is the foundation for creating meaningful change. Often, the biggest challenge lies in

"not knowing what we don't know."

I work with organizations and programs based on their specific needs.  This can look like: trainings, program, supervision, evaluation and feedback.

Particularly, when it concerns Indigenous and LGBTQ2s+ communities. Together, we can collaborate to decolonize, empower, and elevate the voices and experiences of marginalized communities. 


Ultimately, fostering more inclusive and equitable spaces and society.

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